Since 1998

2011 Proveblue™ obtains market authorization for the treatment of methemoglobinemia.
2010 Virazal collaborative project: Evidence of biological activity on proprietary aza-indoles.
2009 Industrial validation by the French Health Products Safety Agency (AFFSAPS) of Proveblue™ process.
2007 Creation of Provepharm an affiliated company dedicated to the promotion of Proveblue™.
2006 Patent filing on a process for preparing diaminophenothiazinium compounds giving access to the sole extra-pure grade of methylene blue worldwide: Proveblue™.
2003 Provence Technologies starts its own R&D programs including programs on aza-indoles and on methylene blue.
2001 After 3 years of incubation at the University Paul Cézanne, Provence Technologies moves to the Technopôle of Château-Gombert in Marseille.
1998 Creation of Provence Technologies by Dr Christophe Baralotto and Dr Michel Feraud, both holding PhDs in Organic Chemistry.