Service performance indicators 2016

Provepharm Solutions is pleased to detail below our 2016 service performance indicators, for our small molecules business unit:

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2016 Service performance

"Our customer satisfaction rate remains optimal at 100%, thanks to our regular and qualitative project updates, sustained by direct and transparent communication with our customers. Most of our laboratory led projects produced expected results. For some of them, we faced challenges due to significant differences between literature and experimentation results.» Babak Sayah, Research Director.

2016 TURNOVER : + 6 %
« With the consolidation of our small molecules and peptide units,Provepharm Solutions now offers a greater range of services with GMPproduction of drug candidates. Our team can develop projects from discovery to API production, harnessing our experience from product to launch on the market. With a strong and exciting pipeline, 2017 is looking very promising. » Olivier Derouard, Operations Director